At present, the number of industrialists of the TUIE (excluding the food sector) includes almost 600 active enterprises and entrepreneurs. Studying the domestic and international experience, the members of the Union created new industries, focused, first of all, on the production of import-substituting goods and materials. The result was a full-scale diversification of industries.

Today in the list of manufactured building materials are:

• Various dry building mixes: tile glue, putty, gypsum, and lime, glue for aerated concrete blocks;

• Water emulsion for internal and external works, in various colors;

• Brick blocks;

• Roofing materials, such as asbestos slate and metal, as well as plastic tiles from recyclables;

• Plastic pipes of any diameters and fittings;

• Waterproofing materials on bitumen base: isogam, isobit;

• Welding electrodes;

• A variety of reinforced concrete products: slabs, wall and foundation blocks, and more.

Among other industries, the following are intensively developing:

• Manufacture of all types of furniture;

• Manufacture of plastic products, among them: bags and film, children's toys, household items, packaging for dairy products, PET preforms for bottling water and drinks, etc.

• Textiles and carpets;

• Accumulators and electrical equipment;

• Filters for cars;

• Various papers, as well as wet wipes;

• Multiple consumer goods, such as detergents, shoes, scotch, hygiene items for adults and children, and much more.

Today at the stage of construction and commissioning there are still almost 200 factories, which diversifies the output of manufactured goods and creates a large number of working places.