USAID developed Calendar to optimize export opportunities of Turkmen agricultural producers

14 June 2021

USAID Project on Competitiveness, Trade, and Jobs Activity in Central Asia in partnership with the TUIE member “Ter Onum” Company has developed an illustrative crop and marketing Calendar for some crops to promote the export of agricultural products grown in Turkmenistan.

The Calendar combines scientific and practical information on the ripening terms of various crops, taking into account their cultivation in different regions of the country, as well as information on storage, transportation, quality control of fruit and vegetable products in accordance with best practices in this field and international requirements.

The developers are confident that this calendar, as well as related materials for storing products, will be useful to all interested parties: farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers-processers, owners of refrigerated warehouses and fruit and vegetable storages, as well as freight forwarding companies.

It will serve for exporters as a marketing tool in the course of negotiations or during trade events, foreign importers interested in purchasing high-quality Turkmen agricultural products can get information about the most favourable crop yield season in Turkmenistan and accordingly plan the procurement process and organize logistics.

Such a marketing tool with a usable graphical interface and in three languages (Turkmen, Russian, English) has been developed for the first time relative to Turkmenistan. At the same time, the practice of such reference editions has long been adopted by manufacturers in the leading agrarian developed countries, focused on the export of agricultural products.

Any farmer or exporter can contact the Project by November 2021 to receive an electronic version of the calendar in editable excel format for adaptation it to their needs. Request can be sent to the email address:

You can download the calendar in pdf format using the link:, storage materials are available at the link: