Kyrgyzstan considers the possibility of transit of goods to Afghanistan through Turkmenistan

01 July 2021

Turkmenistan is a transit country through which Kyrgyzstan can enter the Afghan market. This was stated by chairman of the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan, Jyrgalbek Sagynbaev, on the air of the Ala-Too 24 TV channel.


According to him, Kyrgyzstan needs a market for the sale of electric bulbs. “We have the Mailuu-Suu lamp plant, Turkmenistan buys a lot of incandescent lamps, and as a transit country can transport them to the Afghan market,” Sagynbayev said.


In turn, it is important for Kyrgyzstan to have affordable natural gas, the country also needs supplies of mineral fertilizers, oil products, some types of agricultural products that Turkmenistan produces, he said.