Machinery of John Deere - for the aid to Turkmen farmers and tenants

09 September 2021

The next party of tractors and machinery of John Deere arrived to the order of private agricultural producers of Turkmenistan. It is part of large delivery for businesspersons who can acquire equipment of the American company by bank credit.


Concerning the meeting of new machinery in Ashgabat organized a festive ceremony in the spirit of national traditions.


Today in Turkmenistan thousands of John Deere machines are involved in agro-production, they strongly gained long ago trust of machine operators. Therefore, interest of businesspersons in this brand is natural.


Now John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co Company. KG strenuously works on realization of the second stage of new delivery of hi-tech equipment to buyers. Since October last year when the contract came into force, it was already delivered to the Turkmen businessmen of equipment more than for 25 million US dollars, other part it is en route or in the course of shipment to Turkmenistan.