Turkmen economic society exports smart TVs

20 September 2021

The Turkmen smart TVs with liquid crystal screen and "4K of Ultra HD" resolution for the first time were put up for sale at the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange of Turkmenistan (SCRET), as the quotations published this morning demonstrate.


"Aydin Gijeler" economic society put up for auction 6 thousand units of its equipment. A batch of Tolkun smart TVs with a 32-inch screen diagonal will cost foreign importers only $142 per unit. Equipment under the same brand, but with a diagonal of 42 inches, will be sold for export for 216 US dollars. 55-inch Zemin TVs will cost a customer $329 per unit.


Smart TVs from Aydin Gijeler economic society first entered the local Turkmen market in June 2020. Every year, the company is capable of producing 100 thousand units of this equipment.


The assembly of Turkmen televisions is carried out using the technology and components of Chinese company Xin Hong Bo Trading Limited.


Aydin Gijeler economic society is one of the first enterprises to have been opened under the state program for creation of the electronic and electrotechnical industry in Turkmenistan. In 2017, the production of LED lamps began here, and computers, tablets and netbooks are already being assembled.