Entrepreneurs have mastered the production of modern shoe soles

17 December 2020

The production of soles for various types of footwear was mastered by the enterprise of Handy Kurbanov – a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

New products made from thermoplastic polyurethane are flexible, freeze-proof and durable. Such sole is light, wearproof, has good shock absorption when walking, it also does not slip, which is especially important in winter.

This important element of footwear is used by an entrepreneur in his production, and is also sold by orders of his colleagues – footwear producers.

Entrepreneur Kurbanov opened a workshop for individual making of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes of various models and seasonality in Ashgabat in the middle of 2019. Natural leather is the raw material for the production, which is purchased in Turkey, as well as from local producers.