“Hasar” ES has prepared 200 thousand sweet gifts for the New Year

30 December 2020

Hasar confectionery factory has sent 200 thousand New Year gifts to the trade network of country and it is twice as much as last year.

The colourfully decorated sets include sweets, chocolate tablets and marmalade, waffles and cookies and other sweets.

Over a number of years, the company’s products has good reputation and consumer demand both in the domestic market and out of our country.

“Sweet conveyor” daily produces marmalade with different flavours and colours, a variety of waffles and wafer cakes, cookies, caramel and chocolate candies, including the chocolate-coated melon, which is especially loved by the guests of our country. The modern high-tech equipment from the world manufacturers allows to constantly increase production and update assortment of produced “Hasar” products.

All confectionery products are made from natural products without preservatives. High quality, strict adherence of all sanitary-hygienic standards, strong quality analysis of the raw materials and finished products, short delivery times to the consumers are the key to the unchanged success of products of the “Hasar” ES.