Members of Union, their rights and obligations

Members of Union, their rights, and obligations

1. Members of the Union have equal rights and equal obligations.

2. Member of the Union can be individual persons and legal persons of Turkmenistan, foreign registered persons as per legislation of Turkmenistan in rightful principles who do the entrepreneurial activity.

3. Individual persons to be taken into Union membership by means of the written statement. Taking into membership is carried by Management.

It can be made regional departments (branches and representative offices) of Union in places additionally for taking into membership.

4. Members of the Union have rights to:

- To participate in the activity of governing body in the order due course, including participation through its representatives;

- To get necessary information about Union’s activity, it's governing and monitoring bodies;

- To participate in the activity of consulting and other bodies of Union;

- To participate in Union formation on the questions of economic policy and definition of the major activity;

- to submit the proposal to governing bodies of Union in an order established by these Articles and other documents of Union, to consider the development of Union activity and to make a decision on its;

- To make contributions to finance activities of Union or separated activities;

- To draw beyond Union membership voluntary;

- To comply with laws specified by these Articles as per legislation of Turkmenistan;

5. Union’s members have to:

- to execute the rules of these Articles, decisions of governing bodies of Union, to respect and to support views of the most of members, to participate in interact aims and subjects of Union actively;

- To supply non-confidential data to Union, that is necessary for the performance of its aims and objects;

- To pay membership fee during the fixed period by conferences’ decisions not to disclose the information that is connected with the activity of the enterprise of the Union;

- Not to perform violation of ethics of mutual relations, that can cause material and moral damage to Union.

6. Members of Union can be excluded out of membership due to non-payment of membership fees, contrary to the activity of aims of Union, and also actions that can be a reason of material and moral damage to Union.

7. Excluding out of membership of Union is performed by Conference. The decision of excluding of membership can be appealed to the court.