Travel guide to Shehrislam is published.

Archeology and Ethnography Institute of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs have published the travel guide to a historical-cultural monument of Shehrislam.

Information on medieval ancient settlement and photographic materials illustrating them are placed under travel guide cover which was published in printing house “Ylym” in Turkmen, English and Russian languages.

The new edition is addressed both to specialists and to high readership and history lovers.

Nowadays ruins of anciently one of the significant fortresses-rebates are among desert barchans, 20 kilometers to the north of the administrative center of Baharden etrap of Ahal velayat.

At the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan the new scale archaeological researches which have allowed to expand the scientific data a lot and to give a close pattern of its material culture was started on a monument of Shehrislam in 2017.

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs has taken on all financial part of the project on archaeological researches in the ancient settlement of Shehrislam. It has allowed specialists of Archeology and Ethnography Institute of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan to spend scale scope of works.

The artifacts revealed during autumn and spring excavation are presented on travel guide pages. They are unique architectural objects and the historical exhibits that are valued information source for the further scientifically reasonable study of material culture, crafts and traditional originality of the large urbanized centers which were situated along medieval caravan tracks of the Great Silk Way, running on the territory of Turkmenistan.

This important work on the popularization of national historical-cultural heritage gains special interest in the motto context of 2018 – “Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great Silk Way” and, certainly, will answer for an attraction of the larger number of tourists to our country.

The detailed information: