Private tour operators took part in the international branch forum.

The International tourist exhibition “Tourism and travel” and conference concerning the development of cooperation in the given sphere which united representatives of 26 countries were held in the National touristic zone “Avaza” on October, 9-10th.

The international tourist agencies, the organizations and the enterprises specialized in the hotel business and in other adjacent spheres, representatives of business circles, divisions of the State tourism committee of Turkmenistan, hotels of the touristic zone “Avaza” presented their stands in exhibition expositions.

The members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan - the private tour operators were among exhibitors of a specialized exhibition. They showed their possibilities in the organization of informative, ecological, ethnographic, sports, health and other tours in our country that is rich in historical monuments and cultural monuments, the unique natural attractions, that has the network of the sanatorium- resort centers, developed sport and transport infrastructure.

Conference work was held in hotels of the touristic zone “Avaza” as three breakout sessions: “The Role of Historical and Cultural Heritage in a year of “Turkmenistan is the Heart of the Great Silk Way””, “The Role of Education and Innovations in Tourism”, “Principal Directions of Eco-tourism in Turkmenistan”.

Questions connected with effective usage of recreational potential of the National touristic zone of “Avaza”, and also with the development of modern kinds of the international tourism in Turkmenistan were discussed among actual directions of the tourist industry on the sidelines of the forum.

Representatives of private travel agencies used a platform of the international forum organized by the State Tourist committee of Turkmenistan and by Chamber of Commerce and industry of the country, for establishing of business partnership and for the further advance of the tourist services.