Lines of the Turkmen-Russian a business partnership is specified at IGC (Intergovernmental Commission) session.

Heads and representatives of some government institutions, including the leading branch ministries and departments, and also business circles of two states took part in the next the eleventh session of the Intergovernmental Turkmen-Russian Commission on economic cooperation which took place on May, 7th in Ashgabat.

The representative delegation of the friendly country was headed by Konstantin Chuychenko, the vice-president of the Government of the Russian Federation, the head of Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Items, concerning conditions and prospects of development of bilateral cooperation, results of the done work were included on the agenda of IGC.

Development of productive contacts of business circles of two countries, stimulation of their investment activity became one of discussion subject.

The chairman of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan gave indicators characterizing the progressive development of the domestic private sector in his speech. He noticed large-scale projects realized by members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.  Examples of successful interaction of business circles of two countries were also noticed, priority directions for further collaboration were also set.

Corresponding Report and a number of other documents were signed following the results of the session. Memorandum between Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the Government of the Astrakhan region (the Russian Federation) about the formation of the Turkmen-Astrakhan joint council concerning the business, opening up new possibilities for activation of the Turkmen-Russian partnership at the level of the small and medium business was among them.