Private farm for the first time in Turkmenistan implemented a project on hatching poultry farming.

On 4th July, 100 thousand hatching chickens have been received in the “Nurly meydan” dayhan farm located in the Bereket district of the Balkan region.

Thus, for the first time in our country, the project has been carried out, which allows propelling the production of broiler chicken meat and eggs to the industrial level using technology developed in modern poultry farming, the main components of which are multiple gathering of parent flock and all year-round artificial incubation. As it is known, previously, day-old chickens were purchased abroad in order to grow meat breed chickens.

The hatchery of the poultry farm is equipped with innovative equipment and technologies of the Belgian company “Petersime” and the firm “ROXELL”, which are the world leaders in the sphere of the poultry industry. Under the control of specialists of these companies, the first batch of meat breed chickens РОСС -308 was got, which the entrepreneur intends to use in his farm. Only in July of the current year, “Nurly Meydan” plans to get 5 batches of hatching chickens, each consisting of 100 thousand chickens. At the same time, orders from other poultry farms will be accepted.

It is planned to hatch here in total 14 million chickens per year, including 12 million for the production of broiler chickens and 2 million for laying hens. Moreover, besides the hatching eggs intended to provide the parent flock, there will be produced 20 million table eggs for the food sector.

400 hectares of land was provided for the fodder supply, on which feeding crops are already being grown. In August of the current year, it is planned to put into operation a plant, which was built at a distance of three kilometers from the poultry farm. Its design capacity is 75 thousand tons of granulated feed per year.

The manufacturer aims to provide the domestic market with chicken meat, eggs, and day-old chickens, as well as to sell these products abroad. Interest regarding the purchase of these products has already been shown in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and China.

Products of the manufacturer of “Nurly Meydan” frozen chickens meet the most stringent international norms and standards. The safety and quality management system of food products of the “Nurly Meydan” DF is recognized as complying with the requirements of international standards: ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.