TUIE organized the seminar on the digital economy.

On the 23-27th of July the training-information seminar was held at the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, in course of which the international practice of digital technologies implementation was considered.

The representatives of the Working Group on digital economy near the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, several ministries and organizations, banks, as well as, members of the board and chiefs of departments of the TUIE were invited for participation in the event.

The training was conducted by the international expert in the field of electronic government, electronic governance and cybersecurity doctor Mustafa Ayfonluoglu.

In the course of five-day classes he got acquainted the participants of the seminar with conceptions of information society, electronic government, analyzed the actions in the sphere of creating “digital government”, taken in Turkey and in other countries of the world, familiarizing the participants with a positive experience, as well as, challenges encountered in this way.

The audience was informed about the possibilities of usage of IT-technologies, including in the realization of projects of electronic document management systems, also about the digital economy instruments and etc.

During the presentations the audience was presented the digital services used in various areas of life’s activity of government and society, many of which have already been mastered in Turkmenistan. It was given accent to the importance of the digital economy in the progressive socio-economic development of countries, influence upon employment of the population.

The issues of cybersecurity provision, digital education, and other relevant topics were discussed in question and answer form.

Training-information seminar was organized with the assistance of “Imdat Elektronika” ES and his Turkish partner – “Telekom Telekommunikasion” Company within the framework of TUIE participation in the realization of Digital Economy Conception in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025.