Entrepreneurs are introduced to best practices and new technologies in growing potatoes

On February 11, a one-day thematic seminar entitled “Increasing the productivity of potato harvest under the conditions of Turkmenistan” was held at the “Olimpia” metropolitan hotel. The event was organized for potato growers, members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, by the USAID Competitiveness, Trade, and Jobs (CTJ) Project, supported by the TUIE.

During the seminar, which was attended by leading potato growers of Ahal region and representatives of the agricultural department of the TUIE, the best practices and technologies of growing potatoes in arid regions using innovative technologies were highlighted, as well as issues of seed selection, modern methods of protecting this crop from pests, diseases, and weed.

The seminar program, conducted by a regional expert from Uzbekistan, Durbek Halikov, also provides for practical exercises. They will be held on February 12-14 directly in the fields in Ahal, Lebap and Dashoguz regions.

This event is aimed at promoting the successful solution of the tasks set for the private sector to increase the yield of strategic crops, strengthen the country’s food security and increase the volume of exports of fruits and vegetables.