“GS1 Turkmenistan” celebrated its five-year anniversary since its foundation

On May 20 at the conference hall of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Business Centre, the annual general meeting of the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcodes (NOTB) was held, coincided with its five-year anniversary of membership at the GS1 international organization on creation and introduction of unified standards.

GS1 President Miguel Lopera send his welcome message via a television communication system to the organization members, emphasizing the importance of “GS1 Turkmenistan” activity within the context of global efforts on the introduction of unified international standards and the entrance of Turkmen goods producers to the world market.

Reports of Chairwoman of the NOTB, “GS1 Turkmenistan” A.Malikgulyyeva and control review committee regarding the performed work was brought to the agenda, which was favourable received by the organization members.

Delegates unanimously approved the regulations, regulating the activity of the control review committee and reviewed other organizational issues.

On May 2015 the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcodes became a full member of the GS1 international association on creation and introduction of unified standards was included in the European department. Turkmenistan was assigned the relevant code of country “483”.

Due to the “GS1 Turkmenistan” activity, modern identification system has become available for many organizations and enterprises of the country, including private ones. This identification system is a key factor in the development of trade integration processes.

At present more than one and a half thousand members are in the structure of “GS1 Turkmenistan”, its services are used by hundreds of enterprises of state and private sector, individual entrepreneurs, which are provided with a set of high-quality services, supporting to the introduction of global standards.

Increase the number of Turkmen goods producers – exporters became evidence of successfulness of carrying out works in this direction. Today more than a hundred producers have entered the world markets, honorably representing opportunities of Turkmenistan in various fields of economy.