Representatives of associations of entrepreneurs have taken part in celebratory celebrations.

On June 27th, in Turkmenistan Day of culture and art workers, and also the poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy is widely celebrated.

In a ceremony of laying on flowers to a monument of the great poet-thinker in the square located in the historical center of Ashgabat, the representatives of the Union and Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan have taken part.

Hundreds of people have come on heart call to this most beautiful corner of Ashgabat where over a water smooth surface of a fountain the sculpture of great Pyragy cut from stone towers. The solemn action of laying on flowers has taken place also in capital park «Ylham» – open-air original historical and art museum, personifying communication of generations and epoch, continuity of the high spiritual culture, which have been carried by through millennia.

Entrepreneurship is the appreciable subject of a public and cultural life of the country. The representatives of private business promote preservation and popularization of a national heritage. Thereupon activity of members of TUIE which is engaged in the creation of carpets, jewels, national clothes and souvenir production is indicative. The Union also assists the Turkmen scientists-archeologists in carrying out of excavation on a site of ancient settlement of Shehr-Islam – a unique historical-architectural monument, once a center of transit trade and entering into a system of directions of caravan tracks of the Great Silk way. Among the sponsor’s projects – work support on the preservation of a musical heritage of outstanding Turkmen composer Nury Halmamedov.