The new water park - bright rainbow "Avaza"

The sport-entertaining infrastructure of the National touristic zone “Avaza” was completed with Water Park with the multipurpose rest center, ceremonially opened on July, 21st.

“Avaza" Water Park, pretending to one of the first places among the world entertaining centers like this, is built by specialists of Individual enterprise “Myradym” in favor of which a variety of scale projects, including at Turkmen coast of Caspian Sea.

The water-entertainment complex, which total area is about 30 hectares, is built near the Caspian Sea and lifestyle hotels of Avaza, having become one more beautification of Turkmen sea resort. Tens large objects have constructed in its territory. Here is winter and summer water parks, shopping center and shops with a great variety of goods, a supermarket, about 30 cafes and restaurants, a bistro, an amphitheater of 1640-seats, and also a hotel of 50-seats are. The other area is designated for various infrastructural objects: artificial mountains, lakes, falls, mountain springs, and also for the improved zone with fountains, walkways, summer pavilions, squares, flower beds, baskets. Twelve hectares are designated for water attractions.

The central construction is three-storied roofed water park occupying more than 41 thousand square meters. The microclimate of benign tropics is created there. In summer and winter, holiday-makers will stay in conditions approximate to natural, with comfort temperature of seawater and with the ozonized wind, will sunbathe on beaches...

Rivers and lakes of difficult configuration are laid inside of the unique building of all-weather water attractions. Artificial mountain and falls are in the center. Pools for adults and children of different age are here. Including pool for surfing, water attraction with small and big obstacles, swimming pool where it is possible to hold competitions to play action-oriented games, to arrange races in airboats, to roll down into the water on twisting pipes and trenches.

The artificial beach, and also ground for playing beach volleyball covered with the special structure simulating sea sandstone will jog memory about fine summer holiday on the sea coast.

Almost all modern water, entertainment, informative and cultural-entertaining attractions are presented in the covered water park. Besides there are platforms with children's game playing machines, 7 D cinema, cafeterias and restaurants, other objects of public food service offering various dishes of ethnic cuisine, recreational space, the Finnish sauna, the Turkish bath, Spa-salon and Russian sweat bath for holiday-makers. Impressively look open reservoirs and specialized water pools of natural-landscape type, similar constructions for high-board diving and playing water football, pool with artificial waves, rafting channel, of 800 meters length. Cognitive-entertaining attractions will be interesting for everybody who loves adventures, travel, is interested in the natural sciences, geography, and biology. In a word, the Water Park “Avaza” offers visitors the impressive variety of entertainments.

Ultramodern technologies and equipment from the best world manufacturers were used at construction of the water-entertainment complex. All pools located in the territory of a wonderful 

island, are cleared by means of filters, the special equipment is used also for seawater demineralization which then comes into pools. Level of engineering in an installation of communication galleries and mechanical blocks of independent life-sustaining of the object carried out by specialists of Individual enterprise “Myradym” is high.

 Water Park “Avaza” is not only an entertaining center, but it is also the cultural center. The Amphitheater is intended for carrying out of various events; here the celebratory concert has taken place on the complex opening day.

The scale project realized by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan is a symbol of the fast-moving development of recreation and entertainment industry, up-to-date trends and advanced achievements of which are turned into the National touristic zone “Avaza” - the modern sea resort created in a fine natural corner of our country.