Joint-Stock Company "Turkmen Kaliy" announces TENDER

Joint-Stock Company "Turkmen Kaliy" announces


For national currency

For the design and development of design estimates:

Lot No. 1: Power transmission line-2x110 kV «city Magdanly – Leilimekan v. ”(Lebap province);

Lot No. 2: For temporary transmission line 2x35 kv m. Garrykan - Leylimekan v." (Lebap province);

Lot No. 3: Main water supply with drinking water 200m3 / hour     “Water lifting station of the 3rd rise -  Leylimekan v. ”;   (Lebap province);

Lot No. 4: Main water pipeline 350 m3  / hour   "M. Smuntuda – Leylimekan v.  ”(Lebap province);

Lot No. 5: Gas pipeline 8000 nm3  / hour “205th km of gas pipeline“ Bagtyyarlyk -

                 Potash and Cement Plants "- Leilimekan v."  (Lebap Province).

All interested local and foreign companies with relevant experience and the necessary licenses for the design and development of design and estimate documentation in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan are invited to participate in the tender.

Those wishing to participate in the tender are invited to:

·        submit a written request to participate in the tender, indicating the full name of the participant, his legal form of organization, type of ownership, legal address, tax code, and bank details;

·        knowledge of the condition " About tenders for the supply of goods, a performance of works and services for the needs of JSC" Turkmen Kaliy "";

·        obtain tender documents by the appropriate lot by paying 1000 manats per lot (excluding VAT);

·        An account for the transfer of funds will be provided upon submitting a written application for participation

Packages with tender bids are sent to the address: Ashkhabad, A.Niyazov Ave., house 174, 11th floor, an office of Closed Joint Stock Company Turkmen Kaliy and are accepted until 6 pm local time on November 22, 2018.

Proposals received after the deadline set above will not be accepted and considered.


Telephone : (+993 12) 21-01-84