For the attention of entrepreneurs!

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan brings to its member's attention about the opportunity to participate in the events of the First Caspian Economic Forum and exhibition of innovative technologies coincided with it, which will be held on 12th August 2019 in National Tourist Zone Avaza.

You may also invite your foreign business partners to participate in the events of Forum, they will get visa support.

You can use the platform of Caspian Forum for the presentation of your activities, familiarization of foreign partners with the export potentials of your enterprises, the establishment of new business contacts.

The representatives of international economic, financial, transport, ecological organizations, business communities of not only the region but also several countries of the world along with governmental agencies will be participants of the events including conference and exhibition of innovative technologies. This fact also provides you with a unique opportunity for the extension of your knowledge in the field of advanced technologies of business dealing in various spheres and the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Business meetings and roundtable discussions will be organized in parallel with the exhibition and conference. Special attention will be given to the capabilities of implementation of the joint investment projects and programs, creation and development of special and free economic zones, joint ventures, digital economy.

Please feel free to contact the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with questions regarding the participation in the events of the First Caspian Economic Forum and Exhibition of Innovative Technologies: Ashgabat c., A.Nyyazov 174 avenue.

Telephone numbers: +99312 212344, +99312 212345.