The meeting of business circles of the Caspian countries opened new horizons for cooperation.

On August 11, representatives of the Turkmen business community took part in a business meeting held on the sidelines of the First Caspian Economic Forum.

In the format of three breakout sessions, topical issues of establishing international cooperation, attracting foreign investment and technology in various industries of the region’s countries, as well as promising joint projects,  were discussed.

The report of the chairman of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan presented during the session “Industrialization: a look into the future”, widely covered the activities of Turkmen private business in the development of various industries. Particular emphasis was placed on advances in electronic and electrical industries, chemical industry, developed on the basis of the mineral resources of our country, in the production of chemical products.

The head of TUIE noted the importance of expanding international business contacts, paying attention to the possibilities of implementing joint investment projects with a view to the near and the long term. The presence of a number of factors that attracted foreign investors to Turkmenistan and, in particular, to a partnership with domestic entrepreneurs were emphasized.

This section also examined the Azerbaijani experience in legislative support of business and the successful model of a free industrial zone, using PPE in the Georgian port city of Poti as an example.

The result of the business meeting was the signing ceremony of documents that reinforced the agreements reached during the meetings held on the fields of the KEF-2019. In total, 57 international documents were adopted at various levels. Including memoranda and cooperation agreements between the TUIE members and their foreign partners in the field of transport and logistics, the creation of joint industries in the agricultural sector, the supply of high-tech equipment, in the field of travel services, etc.

In total, about 300 leaders and representatives of 90 large companies, banks, associations and unions took part in the business forum.

At the end of the meeting, the results of the innovative technologies of exchange trading held within the framework of the Caspian Exhibition were announced, in which members of the TUIE also participated.