“Nurly meydan” PA together with a German partner launches feed production.

Negotiations with foreign partners on the sidelines of the First Caspian Economic Forum resulted in the signing of an agreement between “Nurly meydan” peasant association and “Herbacon GmbH” German company on the joint production of animal feed based on a factory-built by the entrepreneur in the Bereket district of the Balkan region.

This agreement opens up great opportunities for both “Nurly meydan” and its partner. Earlier, “Herbacon GmbH” delivered horse feed to Turkmenistan and Central Asian countries from Europe, which significantly increased the price of the product. Joint production will reduce its cost by 30-40 percent.

Based on the technology and a German partner’s recipe, in the first ten days of September it is planned to produce feed for poultry, calves, and horses. The design capacity of the plant is 75 thousand tons of granulated feed per year, which will ensure not only the domestic market but also arrange export of products to neighboring countries, for which it will also become much cheaper than imported from Europe.

The food samples of “Nurly meydan” PA was demonstrated at the exposition of the Caspian Exhibition of Innovative Technologies, which was held on August 11-12 in Turkmenbashi city.